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Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea, 2 Oz.  | $20  Four Seasons Oolong Tea, 2 Oz. | $18
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Product Rating on Teavana: ✮✮✮✮1/2Description:Gyokuro bushes are covered in shade two weeks before harvesting, which creates a light but very complex blend and a luscious deep dark green color. The shading helps the leaves to retain chlorophyll, which concentrates both the green tea taste and nutrients, making this a bright and flavorful favorite.Rich, almost full-bodied, smooth taste with sweet ending & complex notes
Product Rating on Teavana: ✮✮✮ 1/2

Tasting Description:
Rich, golden amber cup color. Full-bodied, fresh, vivid orchid & a hint of lily aroma, with sweet honey flavor.
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  Empress of China Green Tea, 2 Oz. | $10  Ruby Filigree Bone China Tea Set | $100
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 Product Rating on Teavana: ✮✮✮ 1/2  Product Rating on Teavana: ✮✮✮✮✮
Flavor Description: Naturally sweet with a touch of a roasted chestnut note.
This stunning red bone china set features a timeless design blending passionate red with a delicate swirl and leaf motif. Lustrous red glazing is a unique art form only accomplished by the finest production facilities in China. This nine piece tea set includes one teapot, four tea cups and four saucers. The cups have a brilliant white interior. All of these pieces feature hand-finished accents in real gold paint. Hand wash only. Exclusive to Teavana. Each set includes a 36oz teapot and four 6oz tea cups with saucers.

Peachberry Jasmine Sutra Green Tea, 2 Oz. | $10


Product Rating on Teavana: ✮✮✮✮
This calming tea has Fragrant hints of jasmine combined with strawberry, sweet peach, and kiwi